Apps Cyclone Flagship Internship Program

Apps Cyclone Flagship Internship program responds to the need for a unified approach in providing work experience to students.

The program uses principles and frameworks to guide high-impact pedagogy around internship experiences for domestic students, and in preparing to accommodate international students wishing to uptake a placement in Software Industry.

Internships involve the completion of targeted interdisciplinary workshops which include personalized learning outcomes, guidance, and negotiated assessment structures.

When do students do internships?2020-09-01T11:39:31+00:00

Most students take part in internships at the end of a school program (usually last semester), allowing students to easily transition into full-time employment. However, there are a few exceptions. For detailed information, please check the Internships and Skills page.

What is the internship duration by programs?2020-09-01T15:08:02+00:00

Students of each program are required to join 8-10 weeks period with minimum 32 hours per week, working in the office. Please refer to Internships & Skills for details.

Which knowledge and skills should students have by the time they do internship?2020-09-01T11:41:23+00:00

Intern jobs offered to each program should be in alignment with Apps Cyclone to make sure students can benefit most after the internship. Please refer to Internships & Skills to see expected knowledge and skills students should have by learning from the internship.

Can students get certification?2020-09-01T11:22:55+00:00

After the completion of an internship every intern is entitled to a (“qualified”) internship certificate which usually bears the mentor’s or the human resources officer’s signature. Student have to try to make sure that a so-called “qualified” certificate is issued, because the jobs and tasks performed during work placement are usually substantiated by means of internship certificates when applying for a position.

Below is a sample of internship certificate.

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