Apps Cyclone is formed by expert developers, team leaders with 4years+ experience in developing apps and games for iOS and Android. Apps Cyclone builds their own products and these products are available on Apple Store. Besides, Apps Cyclone carries the outsource projects with clients from different countries: Singapore, Japan, Australia, United States, Canada.


Apps Cyclone focuses on people - the core value of any organization - and on the quality of every products. Their sayings is "Passion is the goal, profit is the consequence"



 • Develop iOS and Android applications

 • Develop iOS and Android games

 • Provide solutions, ideas for Mobile applications

 • Submit products to Apple Appstore and Google Play

 • Full life cycle development powered with Agile Scrum

 • Maintenance & enhancement

 • Re-engineering & porting/migration




  • Đuổi Hình Bắt Chữ - Con Bướm Xuân

  • Đuổi Hình Bắt Chữ - 4 Hình 1 Từ

  • Battleship Ocean Islands War - an awesome game for mobile

  • iOS Super Chart

  • Ninjump like game - iOS demo

  • Bejeweled like game - iOS demo

  • Bubble Popping Game - iOS Demo

  • iOS app - Browse and edit photos from social networks

  • Whack-The-Mole - iOS Game

  • Angry Koala War - The Ultimate Random - iOS Game

  • Angry Koala War - The Ultimate Random - iOS Game

  • iOS Photo Editing & Sharing applications

  • Spin&Win - cocos2d-x

  • Fly2D iOS Demo

  • Night Animals - Interesting Game for Kids on iOS

  • Nguyễn Thị Phương - Never give up - Seagame 26th

  • God's Ten Commandments Pictures Book For iPad

  • Warm Wishes - Greetings Card v2.0 - Short version